There is a BETTER WAY to give hope to hurting families...
We develop and support local Family Justice Centers that help victims and their children find all the services they need in ONE PLACE - police officers, prosecutors, advocates, chaplains, counselors, medical professionals, and others.

Family Justice Center Alliance

Internship and Volunteer Program

The Alliance hosts volunteers and student interns from across the United States and around the world. Interns and volunteers come at their own expense and serve for designated periods of time learning the programs and activities of the Alliance. Interns and volunteers routinely hail their experience as powerful and life changing. *Please note that this is not a local Family Justice Center internship or volunteer opportunity. This is an internship and volunteer opportunity for macro-level and civil legal administrative work at the Alliance. If you are interested in working for a local Family Justice Center, please contact them directly.

Internship and Volunteer Program

The Alliance offers a semester-long internship and volunteer program that is rewarding and provides excellent work experience. The Alliance Internship and Volunteer Program provides undergraduate students with a unique opportunity to learn about the field of family violence awareness, intervention, and prevention on both the macro and direct service levels. As an Alliance Intern or Volunteer, students will learn from the California and National and International Technical Assistance and Training teams as well as the FJC Legal Network, the local, Civil Legal team. Interns will learn about the FJC Movement, domestic violence dynamics, systems response, and more. In addition, interns will have the opportunity to attend San Diego Family Court, San Diego Criminal Court, City Council meetings, and San Diego Domestic Violence Council meetings. Interns and volunteers will assist the Alliance with overall day-to-day operations of running an international, nonprofit organization.

Prospective interns and volunteer will need to pass a background check and complete a mandatory Orientation Training. Additional training related to family violence awareness, intervention, and prevention will be held on a regular basis.


Fall applicants: late August - December

Winter applicants: January - late May

Summer applicants: May/June - late August

Selection Process

To be considered for this position, please click here submit a copy of your current resume and letter of interest highlighting your relevant work and volunteer experience as well as your interest in the FJC Movement. Please note the internship is unpaid; course credit can be given if the intern makes appropriate arrangements with their university.