There is a BETTER WAY to give hope to hurting families...
We develop and support local Family Justice Centers that help victims and their children find all the services they need in ONE PLACE - police officers, prosecutors, advocates, chaplains, counselors, medical professionals, and others.

Family Justice Center Alliance


Camp HOPE California

Children who witness violence live with trauma and pain. Many go on to repeat the violence as adults that they have seen as children. So many children growing up in abusive homes end up in our juvenile justice and adult prison systems. Today, California taxpayers spend over $50,000 per year per inmate to lock up adult criminals who grew up in homes with some mix of child abuse, domestic violence, drugs, and alcohol. If we can save these children, we can break the vicious generational cycle of family violence. We need your help to save hundreds of children from the abuse they are experiencing. Your donation can give a child hope and a future.

Casey Gwinn, the founder of Camp HOPE, and a team of professionals from Family Justice Centers across California and Idaho are partnering with the Alliance to send physically and sexually abused children and children exposed to domestic violence to camp every summer in the years ahead. The camping model for the first time also includes the use of youth mentors for the children. In 2013, the vision is to have children participate in Camp HOPE at Kidder Creek, near Mount Shasta, in Northern California. In 2014 and beyond, Camp HOPE will expand to serve children from across California. You can help change the destiny of a child's life by sending them to camp and giving them the chance to have a youth mentor.

Your donation of $458 will send one child to camp. $2,000 will allow five children to go to Camp HOPE. $4,000 will send 10 children to camp and give them a path to a life free of violence. Please give HOPE to a child.

FJC Legal Network

The Family Justice Center Legal Network provides free legal assistance to victims of domestic violence and teen dating violence. Victims come in scared and alone and we provide legal advice, help them get a protection order, provide an advocate in court, and even provide a lawyer to represent them whenever possible when their abuser has a lawyer. Your donation will help provide crucial legal services to victims and their children.

The National Family Justice Center Alliance

The National Family Justice Center Alliance provides training and technical assistance to Family Justice Centers internationally. Support our mission to help victims of family violence find all the services they need in one place by donating to the Alliance. Your donation will help provide crucial services to over 80 open and 150 developing Family Justice Centers. Thank you for partnering with us to stop family violence across the nation and around the world.