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Changing the Ending to Telling Amy's Story

telling_amys_story_coverThe documentary film Telling Amy's Story follows the life of Amy Hogan McGee shortly before she is killed by her abusive husband Vincent McGee.The detective who led the case review, Deidri Fishel, turns Amy's story into a cohesive timeline that clearly shows the danger signs in her relationship and the numerous times police or other agencies could have intervened.

Unfortunately we cannot change the ending to Amy's story but we can change the outcome for other domestic violence victims.  Family Justice Centers can use the documentary to educate the community about domestic violence and the services available at Centers.  Such education can assist friends, family members, and co-workers in talking about domestic violence, learning about high-risk factors, and getting help for victims in need.  

The Family Justice Center Institute encourages Family Justice Centers to use Telling Amy's Story as an educational tool for community members, key stakeholders, and others to learn about domestic violence, Family Justice Centers, and high-risk signs and behaviors.  


To learn more about effectively using Telling Amy's Story in your community, click here to access the Changing the Ending to Telling Amy's Story Toolkit. The toolkit includes key information and steps on how to promote the documentary and also how to use the film in dealing with domestic violence high-risk cases.   The toolkit also includes helpful resources and templates, such as a High Risk Case Protocol, brochure, videos, and more. Additional information related to this topic can also be accessed in the online Resource Library under "Telling Amy's Story".

Telling Amy's Story Documentary

Telling Amy's Story is a documentary that follows the timeline of a domestic violence homicide that occurred on November 8, 2001. The victim's parents and co-workers, law enforcement officers, and court personnel share their perspectives on what happened to Amy Homan McGee in the weeks, months, and years leading up to her death. The detective who led the case review, Deidri Fishel, discusses the danger signs in Amy's relationship and the numerous times police or other agencies could have intervened.

One Safe Place and Telling Amy's Story

One Safe Place took the four-minute trailer of Telling Amy's Story and merged it with their informational video. The video showed viewers that "Amy" exists in their community as well; however, the Family Justice Center is now available to change the ending for the next Amy.

Changing the Ending to Telling Amy's Story

The Alliance created a video, featuring Alliance President, Casey Gwinn, to educate members of the public about the key high risk factors that should raise red flags and cause business leaders, community members, neighbors, family, and friends to reach out tocriminal justice system professionals, civil attorneys, and social service providers once these key lethality factors are identified in a particular relationship or case. The video can be used by any Family Justice Center and shown in community presentations or staff trainings at Family Justice Centers. Alternatively, this video can also be used by any Family Justice Center Director or local elected official to create a personalized video with similar content. The script of this video is available from the Alliance upon request.

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