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There is a BETTER WAY to give hope to hurting families...
We develop and support local Family Justice Centers that help victims and their children find all the services they need in ONE PLACE - police officers, prosecutors, advocates, chaplains, counselors, medical professionals, and others.

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Alliance for HOPE International has a host of dynamic programs including:

The Family Justice Center Alliance – The Family Justice Center Alliance supports the 90 operating and 100 developing Family Justice Centers and similar multi-agency models across the United States;

The Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention (TISP) – TISP is the most comprehensive training program on the handling of strangulation assaults in the United States;

Camp HOPE America – Camp HOPE is the first camping and mentoring program in America focused on providing an evidence-based camping experience for children exposed to domestic violence;

The Justice Legal Network – The Justice Legal Network is collaboration of solo practitioners willing to provide pro bono and low bono legal services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.  Most members of the Justice Legal Network are co-located with the staff of Alliance for HOPE International;

VOICES Survivors Advocacy Network – A diverse groups of survivors advocating for the Family Justice Center movement and providing consulting and support for operating and developing Centers throughout the country;

The Leadership Training Institute – The Institute provides leadership development, funding and sustainability training, and capacity building support to leaders in Family Justice Centers and other non-profit agencies across the United States.