Business Plans and Feasibility Studies – FJCs

Stanislaus FJC Business Plan (Draft) – Stanislaus – 2009
Created by the Stanislaus Family Justice Center in July 2009, this is the business plan for the developing community. The business plan explains why a Family Justice Center is needed in the community as well as detailing the proposed FJC description, products and services, marketing plan, operational plan, organizational structure, financial plan, and relevant attachments.

Sonoma County FJC Feasibility Study – Glen Price Group – 2010
The Sonoma County Family Justice Center Feasibility Study, developed by the Glen Price Group in March of 2010, examines the feasibility of a Center in the community. This work enables the County of Sonoma and its partners to analyze the business and program case for developing a Family Justice Center and determine whether to proceed with a strategic planning process that would have, as its ultimate product, the establishment of an FJC. The study includes a background of the FJC movement including key outcomes that have been identified by FJCs around the nation. The feasibility study strongly supports the creation of a Family Justice Center in the community from key stakeholders in the field and outlines the necessary steps to develop a Center.