About Us

The Family Justice Center Alliance (FJCA) is a program of Alliance for HOPE International, one of the leading domestic violence and sexual assault prevention and intervention organizations in the United States.  The FJCA serves as the clearinghouse, research center, and national affiliation organization for Family Justice Centers and other multi-agency models that serve victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, elder abuse, child abuse, and/or human trafficking.

Mailing Address: 101 W. Broadway, Suite 1770  San Diego, CA  92101

Phone: (888) 511-3522

Our Mission: To create a network of national and international Family Justice Centers and similar co-located service models with close working relationships, shared training and technical assistance, collaborative learning processes, coordinated funding assistance, and transformational leadership

Our Vision: A future where

  • All the needs of victims are met
  • Children are protected
  • Batterers are held accountable
  • Violence fades
  • Economic justice increases
  • Families heal and thrive,
  • Hope is realized, and
  • We ALL work together

To this end the FJCA provides technical assistance and resources for communities around the world. The FJCA’s online Resource Library is the most comprehensive resource available for communities seeking to develop Family Justice Centers or similar multi-agency models, designed to better meet the needs of survivors and their children by bringing services together under one roof.

The FJCA also serves as the technical assistance and training provider for the United States Department of Justice for federally funded Centers. The FJCA also works with Centers and multi-disciplinary teams who do not receive federal funding.  The FJCA provides fee-based services to help communities develop, operate, and expand Family Justice Centers and similar multi-agency service models.

To request a proposal for training or planning services, contact us.