Guiding Principles

The Family Justice Center Guiding Principles, developed by the Alliance’s Advisory Board, are the fundamental values that should direct the vision, service delivery, and environment of a multi-agency model or Family Justice Center.

Safety-Focused: Increase safety, promote healing, and foster empowerment through services for victims and their children

Victim-Centered: Provide victim-centered services that promote victim autonomy

Culturally Responsive: Commitment to the utilization of culturally relevant service approaches that are measurable and behavior-based

Intervene and Prevent: Engage all communities through outreach and community education

Survivor-Driven: Shape services to clients by asking them what they need

Transformative (willing to change): Evaluate and adjust services by including survivor input and evidence-based best practices

Relationship-Based: Maintain close working relationships among all collaborators/agencies (law enforcement, prosecution, community-based violence programs, shelters and other social services)

Prevention-Oriented: Integrate primary, secondary and tertiary prevention approaches into all initiatives, programs, and projects

Kind-Hearted & Hope-Centered: Develop a Family Justice Center community that values, affirms, recognizes and supports staff, volunteers, and clients

Empowered: Offer survivors a place to belong even after crisis intervention services are no longer necessary

Offender Accountability: Increase offender accountability through evidence-based prosecution strategies