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Guilford County Family Justice Center Business Plan

This business plan, created by the Guilford County Family Justice Center, is a template resource for Family Justice/Multi-Agency Centers who are developing or revising their business plan. This document includes background on why the Family... Read More

Concord Business Plan and FJC Council Presentation

This business plan was created by the City of Concord and presented to their Mayor and City Council to support the launch of a Family Justice Center in their community: "The purpose of this memorandum... Read More

Creating Sustainable Funding from Individual Donors

This fast-paced webinar introduces you to a systematic model for building sustainable funding for your Family Justice Center or Multi-Agency Center. Learn to leave a legacy of passionate lifelong individual donors as you tailor the Benevon Model... Read More

Cost Analysis in Program Evaluation

Developed by the Children's Bureau, this tool can assist with estimating total costs, estimating program component costs, and estimating cost per participant for programs. Though this document was intended to be used by Child Welfare... Read More

How to Start a Family Justice Center

This presentation discusses the details of getting a Family Justice Center up and running from a “twinkle in your eye” to your “grand opening”.Share all of the resources the Alliance has available to help communities... Read More