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Changing the World for Children Exposed

This presentation was given by Casey Gwinn at the Georgia Commission on Family Violence Conference in Sept 2014. Mr. Gwinn shares how we can change the world for children exposed to domestic violence. Mr. Gwinn... Read More

Children Exposed to Domestic Violence

Created and hosted by the Alliance in October of 2012, this webinar features Casey Gwinn, JD President of Alliance for HOPE International and James Henderson with the Battered Women's Justice Project. Mr. Henderson shares his... Read More

Child and Family Service Review Outcomes: Strategies to Improve Domestic Violence Responses

Written by Shellie Taggart, this guide suggests a variety of Program Improvement Plan activities to improve Child and Family Service Review outcomes, particularly when informed by and co-developed with domestic violence service provider partners. Recent... Read More

Domestic Violence and Child Abuse – The History, the Parallels and the Ethical Issues

Created by Charles Wilson, this PowerPoint presentation notes the significant parallels of child abuse and domestic violence. It also encourages and details different means of coordinating services directed toward both domestic violence and child abuse... Read More

The Greenbook Demonstration Initiative

This article summarizes the accomplishments of the Family Violence Prevention Movement. It specifically emphasizes how communities have become more knowledgeable and how social service workers have become more capable of making better decisions for families... Read More