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Safety Tips When Going to Court – New Orleans Family Justice Center

This document provides safety advice for clients and court support advocates preparing for court. Read More

Providing Civil Legal Services at a Family Justice Center

Created by Jennifer DeCarli and Nadya Rosen, and hosted by the Alliance in February of 2011, this webinar focuses on the provision of onsite civil legal services at the Brooklyn Family Justice Center. The webinar... Read More

Full Faith and Credit

regarding Full Faith and Credit Provisions of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and VAWA 2000. It addresses the intent of the law, the No-Cost Provision, tribal orders, criminal protection orders, child custody, military orders,... Read More

A Law Enforcement Officer’s Guide to Enforcing Orders of Protection Nationwide

Created by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence is a law enforcement officer’s guide to enforcing orders of protection nationwide. It details the Full Faith and Credit Provision, how... Read More

U-Visas: Immigration Relief for Victims of Certain Crimes, FAQs

This document provides brief answers to frequently asked questions about U Visas, eligibility, included crimes, required documents for applications, deportation, confidentiality, and more. Read More