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Negotiating with Allies within a Multi-Disciplinary Collaborative

We all know it can be the hardest to say "No" to people closest to us. This same dynamic can be true in a Family Justice Center where colleagues work closely toward a common goal... Read More

From Tension to Collaboration

Co-located collaboration is a complex undertaking that allows for a highly sophisticated process of emergent innovation. Family Justice Centers hold the rich opportunity to capitalize on the diverse knowledge, skills and perspectives of stakeholders to... Read More

Leading Effective Change

Change is everywhere and happening at an unprecedented pace whether it is a new strategic plan, change in leadership, or new processes, tools and policies. Regardless of the source or type, each change is something... Read More

17 Shades of Collaborative Capacity

Created and hosted by the Alliance in September of 2012, this webinar features Maureen Lowell, MA, LMFT, the Director of the Institute for Collaborative Response to Family Violence. Her presentation highlights their collaborative initiative to... Read More

The Power of Effective, Collaborative Leadership OR One Person Can Screw It All Up

Presented and hosted by the Alliance in August of 2011, this webinar focuses on principles of collaborative leadership in Family Justice Centers, coordinated community response initiatives, multi-disciplinary teams, and multi-agency models of service delivery. The... Read More