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Palomar: Oklahoma City’s Family Justice Center’s Client Flow Chart

This one page Client Flow Chart, created by Palomar: Oklahoma City's Family Justice Center, provides a beautiful visual to let survivors know the step-by-step process of what to expect when they access services at the... Read More

The Family Justice Center: Restoring Hope with Care for Survivors and Support for Caregivers

The Story of North Carolina Counties County Quarterly Magazine did this feature on the Guilford County Family Justice Center. The publication highlights the impact of the FJC's collaborative in reducing homicides in Guilford County, creating... Read More

Public Relations Checklist

This Public Relations Checklist, developed by the Alliance, was created to assist Family Justice Centers with developing a public relations plan for their organization. The checklist includes the following sections to increase public awareness and... Read More

Pride United Brochure (English and Spanish)

Pride United, a program of Strength United Family Justice Center, created this brochure to highlight the services they provide. To ensure their services are accessible to the local population, the brochure is available in both... Read More

Contra Costa Family Justice Center Flyer

This half-sheet flyer, created by Contra Costa Family Justice Center, highlights the mission of the FJC and lists both the crisis support and long term safety services it provides. Read More