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Nonprofit Collaboration Toolkit

"This toolkit aims to provide nonprofits with information and resources that can help them avoid some bumps along the collaboration journey. First, the toolkit explains what collaboration is and suggestions for those looking to collaborate.... Read More

Maricopa County Domestic Violence Protocol Manual

"This document provides the process for prosecuting domestic violence felony cases. The model guides [the work of Maricopa County], as well as the interactions with [their] partners, to ensure smooth case transfers and successful convictions."... Read More

Monthly Call with Open Centers: Partnerships

Facilitated by the Alliance this call with Directors of Family Justice Centers discusses partners and partnerships in Family Justice Centers. How to build them, keep them and grow them. Directors share successes, common challenges and... Read More

Sample Partnership Agreement – New Orleans Family Justice Center

Created by the New Orleans Family Justice Center in 2010, this document is the Memorandum of Understanding between the Family Justice Center and its partner agencies. The MOU lists the description of participating entities, the... Read More

FJC Staff Bio Questionnaire

Created by the San Diego Family Justice Center in April of 2006, this form is a biographical questionnaire that requests information related to one’s background and interests. The questionnaire is meant to educate the Center’s... Read More