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Universal Assessment and Intake Form

This Universal Assessment and Intake Form was developed by the Center for Family Justice and can be adapted by Family Justice/Multi-Agency Centers to conduct intake. The form begins with a statement of confidentiality, followed by... Read More

Use of the Danger Assessment in Family Justice Centers

This template resource, produced by Alliance for HOPE International, contains recommendations for practices that will protect the confidential information of survivors in the use of the Danger Assessment Tool in a Family Justice/Multi-Agency Center. Specifically,... Read More

FAQs on Survivor Confidentiality Releases

"This document addresses common questions regarding confidentiality and releases of information. It takes into account the confidentiality and privacy provisions in the U.S. federal Violence Against Women and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act of 2005... Read More

Collaborating with Respect for information Sharing Norms

Presented by Alicia Aiken, JD from the Confidentiality Institute for the Family Justice Center Alliance in September 2016. A successful multi-disciplinary response to survivors can only happen when the professionals involved understand and respect each... Read More

Confidentiality and Information Sharing Issues

Created by Jill Davies for the Greenbook National Technical Assistance Team, this document explains basic advocacy practices and legal concepts related to information sharing. It provides a framework for making decisions regarding the handling and... Read More