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Amendments to VAWA in 2013

This document discusses the changes made in 2013 to the Violence Against Women Act and how those changes affect confidentiality issues in terms of universal definitions and grant provisions. Read More

Monthly Call with Open Centers: Confidentiality and Information Sharing

Created by Gael Strack in September 2012, this monthly call with directors of open Family Justice Centers addresses confidentiality and information sharing. The presentation points to safety, privacy, and autonomy and self-determination, designating them as... Read More

Confidentiality and Brady vs Maryland

Presented by District Attorney Nancy O'Malley in September 2010 at the California Family Justice Initiative statewide conference, this PowerPoint addresses confidentiality, privilege, and Brady vs Maryland issues within Family Justice Centers. Read More

Family Justice Center Professional Confidentiality Agreement

This is the confidentiality agreement form to be signed by all Family Justice Center employees. Read More

Confidential Communication and Policy and Protocol

Created by the Alameda County Family Justice Center in May of 2008, this is the Confidential Communication and the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Survivor Policy and Protocol. The document provides policy details, and requires... Read More