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When the Law Keeps its Promise

Presented during the 2012 Family Justice Center Conference, Mark Wynn explores the interconnected nature of violence against women, the importance of police leadership in enhancing officer response, an examination of our organizational culture, our range of tools to... Read More

Witness Intimidation in Domestic Violence Cases

Created by Jeff Greipp and hosted by the Alliance in June of 2011, this webinar provides training on witness intimidation in domestic violence cases. This webinar training helps to identify signs of a batterer’s undue... Read More

Prosecuting the Predominant Aggressor Case

Created by Kristina Korobov and hosted by the Alliance in January of 2011, this webinar focuses on prosecuting a predominant aggressor case. This webinar serves as a follow-up to 2010 Alliance webinar which focused on... Read More

Why the Abuse Should Not Become the Accused

Written by Erin Gaddy and published by NPRI of the National District Attorneys Association, this article discusses why a victim of domestic violence should not face legal consequences for recantation or failure to cooperate with... Read More

Sample Warrant and Affidavit for the Search and Seizure of Weapons – Superior Court of New Jersey

Created by the Superior Court of New Jersey, this is a sample domestic violence warrant for the search and seizure of weapons. The document also contains a sample affidavit in support of the warrant, and... Read More