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Hope-Centered Intake: How to Put the Science of Hope into Practice

Alliance for HOPE International President Casey Gwinn and Program Manager (OVC Technology Initiative) Sarah Pike, discussed how the science of hope can be incorporated into daily intake and case management processes at Family Justice/Multi-Agency Centers and other co-located service models.... Read More

Intersection of Faith and Domestic Violence

Oliver Williams, professor and leading expert in domestic violence in the African American community, explains the historical challenges of domestic violence in faith communities and highlights tangible action steps to more holistically address domestic violence... Read More

Pep and Prep Fact Sheet (English and Spanish)

This one-page fact sheet, created by Pride United, explains what HIV is, how it is shared, and how PEP and PrEP can prevent and mitigate HIV infection. This document is available in both English and... Read More

Cómo Iniciar un Centro de Justicia Para Las Mujeres (How to Start a Justice Center for Women)

En colaboración con USAID y Management Systems International, Alliance for HOPE International escribió este manual que contiene toda la información sobre la experiencia de un modelo donde todos los servicios que se prestan se encuentran... Read More

ملخص النموذج لمركز العدالية الأسرة – رجاء لأسر في الألم- دليل لخدمات المشتركة في الشرق الوسط (Hope for Hurting Families – A Guide to Co-Located Services in the Middle East)

تم تأسيس هذا كتيب من قبل التحالف من أجل الشراكة  Alliance for HOPE International و Vital Voices العالمية في عام 2010 ، وهو الآن منتج ثانوي للجهود المستمرة لإنشاء مركزالعدالةالأسرةالأول في الأردن. هذا كتيب تهدف... Read More