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Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence in Native Country

Presenters Rhonda Medicine Crow and Marie Saenz of the Inter-Tribal Council of California, Inc. will discuss the history of intergenerational trauma in Native American communities and the role it plays in current day experiences of... Read More

U-Visa Updates

Created by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration in July of 2010, this document provides brief answers to frequently asked questions about U-Visas. Read More

Domestic Violence Programs and the African American Church- Dr Oliver William & Alliance

Presented by Dr. Oliver Williams, and hosted by the Family Justice Center Alliance, March Read More

Focus Group Summary – San Diego Family Justice Center

This report summarizes the findings from five focus groups conducted by the SDFJC between April and July of 2004. It focuses primarily on the benefits and helpful aspects of services, the perceived changes resulting from... Read More

Focus Groups with Culturally Distinct Underserved Communities

Created by Jane Sadusky and Jennifer Obinna in December of 2002, this report discusses a study on violence against women. The findings of the research are specifically focused on groups with culturally distinct and underserved... Read More