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Intimate Partner Violence – Economic Costs and Implications for Growth and Development

"This paper argues for a focus on estimating impacts on productivity, a key driver of economic growth. It also calls for committed action by both national governments and The World Bank Group in terms of... Read More

Domestic Violence Intervention Strategies

This article, published by Social Worker Resource, provides a general overview of intervention strategies for domestic violence cases. The publication briefly covers the following steps: establish contact, assess the situation, create an emergency plan, assess... Read More

Working with Victims in Crisis

Created by Jackie Dietz, in accordance with the Children’s Hospital’s Family Violence Program, this PowerPoint discusses working with victims in crisis. It addresses victims’ needs, confidentiality, leaving as a process, crisis intervention, and essential volunteer... Read More

Successful Collaboration Wheel

Created by the National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence, this wheel illustrates the critical nature of collaboration amongst law enforcement agencies, personnel, and other organizations or individuals when handling a case of domestic violence. Read More

Fomentar el Desarrollo de los Hijos

Este instrumento demuestra cómo se puede fomentar el desarrollo de los niños. Pone énfasis en construir la confianza y el respeto en los niños, y proveer seguridad emocional y física, disciplina, tiempo de calidad, apoyo... Read More