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Nonviolence Wheel

Created by the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project, this wheel depicts the characteristics of equality which engender non-violence. The categories are negotiation and fairness, non-threatening behavior, respect, trust and support, honesty and accountability, responsible parenting, shared... Read More

Medical Power and Control Wheel

Created by the National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence, this wheel depicts the ways in which the medical community is capable of escalating the danger and increasing the entrapment of a patient’s violent relationship. Read More

Glossary of Terms

This concise document is a collection of terms pertaining to domestic violence, and especially to Battered Woman's Syndrome. It provides commonly used expressions and their definitions. Read More

Domestic Violence – Chapter 10

This article addresses the dynamics of domestic violence. It includes information regarding silence, cultural influences, the batterer profile, the battering cycle, risk factors for becoming a victim, obstacles to leaving an abusive relationship, barriers to... Read More

Dating Power and Control Wheel

Created by the Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence, this wheel lists examples of various forms of abuse, emphasizing that abuse is more than physical aggression. The categories of abuse include minimization and blame,... Read More