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Volunteer Thank You Letter Template

Created by the Alliance and based on the San Diego FJC Volunteer Thank You Letter, this template can serve as a reference letter for thanking volunteers at your Center. Read More

Security Plan – Family Justice Center of Ouachita Parish

Created by the Family Justice Center of Ouachita Parish, this security document outlines protocol for maintaining the safest and most secure environment for both visitors and staff while at the Center. It includes information about staff... Read More

Developing a Family Justice Center Clinical Committee

These notes outline the discussion items in a meeting regarding developing a FJC Clinical Committee. Read More

Special Event Auction Donation Form – San Diego Family Justice Center

Created by the San Diego Family Justice Center, the Special Event Auction Donation Form is used to document the description and details of each auction item. Read More

Family Justice Center Pledge Support Form

Created by the Alliance, this is the template Pledge of Support Form, which requests a monetary contribution and/or a written statement of support. Read More