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Model Family Justice Center Sustained Funding Policy

Created by the Alliance in September of 2010, this document sets forth a shared, sustained funding policy for Family Justice Centers. The policy states that Family Justice Centers and Community Partners should cooperate and not... Read More

Confidentiality and Brady vs Maryland

Presented by District Attorney Nancy O'Malley in September 2010 at the California Family Justice Initiative statewide conference, this PowerPoint addresses confidentiality, privilege, and Brady vs Maryland issues within Family Justice Centers. Read More

Family Justice Center Intake Form – Alameda County Family Justice Center

This is the Client Intake Form for the Alameda County Family Justice Center. Read More

Family Justice Center Professional Confidentiality Agreement

This is the confidentiality agreement form to be signed by all Family Justice Center employees. Read More

Operations Manual – New Orleans Family Justice Center

Created by the New Orleans Family Justice Center in July of 2010, this is the Operations Manual. The Operations Manual for the New Orleans Family Justice Center is designed to assist the domestic violence and... Read More