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Taking Action to Stop Violence: A Study on Readiness to Change Among Male Batterers

The Transtheoretical Model of Change (TTM) predicts that matching interventions with a person’s readiness to change should improve treatment outcomes. This cross-sectional correlational study examined characteristics that affected self-reported readiness to change abusive behavior among... Read More

Nampa Family Justice Center 2010 Outcome Evaluation

Prepared by Lisa Growette Bostaph, Ph.D in January 2010, this report is the second outcome evaluation report of the Nampa Family Justice Center (NFJC). The overall purpose of this report is to determine if the... Read More

Best Practices, Promising Practices, Successful Practices

Created by Nancy E. O’Malley and Yvonne Carrasco in 2009, this PowerPoint presentation addresses best practices, promising practices, and successful practices for Family Justice Centers. Read More

Sample Contact Information and Directions – Bexar County

This is a brochure with contact information for, and directions to, the Bexar FJC. Read More

Applying Family Justice Center Principles to Suburban

Presented by Susan Adams and Judy Bell in April of 2009, this PowerPoint addresses applying FJC principles to suburban and medium communities. Using the Crystal Judson Family Justice Center as an example, FJC principles, governing... Read More