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Safety Planning Brochure

This Safety Planning Brochure on Non-Fatal Strangulation is a tool to help victims of non-fatal strangulation put together a safety plan. Read More

What is an FJC? Two-Part Series

The Family Justice Center Movement has been growing across the country and around the world. Today, there are over 130 Family Justice/Multi-Agency (FJ/MA) Centers using a co-located service model across the United States with 50-75 in... Read More

Hope-Centered Intake: How to Put the Science of Hope into Practice

Alliance for HOPE International President Casey Gwinn and Program Manager (OVC Technology Initiative) Sarah Pike, discussed how the science of hope can be incorporated into daily intake and case management processes at Family Justice/Multi-Agency Centers and other co-located service models.... Read More

Focus Group Toolkit

Created by the Alliance in 2010, and updated in 2019, this toolkit is designed to assist Family Justice Centers with the preparation, implementation of, and data analysis of Focus Groups. This toolkit contains procedures, sample... Read More

Focus Group Flyer (Spanish) Folleto Para Anunciar Grupos Focales

Created by the Alliance, this Spanish language sample flyer advertises upcoming focus groups in an effort to recruit participants. Creado por la Alianza, este es un folleto en español que se puede usar para anunciar... Read More