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Funding and Sustainability Implementation Toolkit – Growing a Community of Support

Created by the Alliance, this toolkit is designed to assist Family Justice Centers in developing a strategic plan for funding and sustainability. This toolkit contains sustainability and asset inventory self-assessments and other resources to assist... Read More

Growing a Community of Support

Presented by Linda Ray at the September 2012 Director's Leadership Summit training on "Funding & Sustainability", this presentation divulges tactics for fundraising, building board members, evaluating your budget, and getting the community involved in your... Read More

Funding and Sustainability Part 1 and 2

Created by the Alliance, this two part webinar is on Funding and Sustainability. Casey Gwinn and Gael Strack discuss and delve into the topic of funding and sustainability plans for Family Justice Centers. Casey and... Read More

Operating Budget – Nampa Family Justice Center

Created by the Nampa Family Justice Center, this is the Operating Budget for 2010-2011. It outlines each source of income and the amounts and percentages of the total budget, and includes a pie chart depicting... Read More

Opening a Family Justice Center on a Limited Budget

Created by Michael Burke and hosted by the Alliance in April of 2011, this webinar provides an overview of opening a Family Justice Center on a limited budget based on the experience of the Shasta... Read More