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Family Justice Center Governance Options

Created by the Alliance in January of 2011, this webinar training, FJC Governance Options, presents information relevant to developing Family Justice Centers. FJC Governance Options provides an overview of the different options for governance of... Read More

Inter-Local Agreement – Crystal Judson Family Justice Center

Created in March of 2010, this is the Inter-Local Agreement for the Crystal Judson Family Justice Center, an agreement providing for the creation and operation of a combined City of Tacoma-Pierce County domestic violence treatment... Read More

Organizational Chart – City of San Diego

This is the 2010 organizational chart for all city functions of the city of San Diego, including the Family Justice Center. Read More

Hope for Hurting Families: A Guide to Co-Located Services in the Middle East

Created by the Alliance and Vital Voices Global Partnership in 2010, this manual is now a by-product of the ongoing effort to create a pilot Family Justice Center in Jordan. It is intended to be... Read More

Best Practices, Promising Practices, Successful Practices

Created by Nancy E. O’Malley and Yvonne Carrasco in 2009, this PowerPoint presentation addresses best practices, promising practices, and successful practices for Family Justice Centers. Read More