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Injury and Terminology 101 in Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Created by the Alliance and Diana Faugno in August of 2009, this Webinar covers the definitions of lacerations, abrasions, bruises, and contusions. The presentation includes many photographs of domestic violence and sexual assault injuries in... Read More

Long Term Consequences of Domestic Violence

Created by the Alliance and Ellen Taliaferro, MD in June of 2009, this Webinar focuses on the long-term medical consequences of domestic violence. It discusses acute diseases versus chronic diseases, identifying the underlying problems, and... Read More

Forensic Medical Units within Family Justice Centers

Created by the Alliance in August of 2008, this webinar discusses Forensic Medical Units at the Alameda County, Boise, and Nampa Family Justice Centers. Each director provides a 5-minute overview of their respective Forensic Medical... Read More

Patient Consent and Examination Forms – San Diego Family Justice Center

Created by the San Diego Family Justice Center and revised in December of 2005, the Patient Consent Form and the Examination Form are used to document and release information from a client’s medical examination to... Read More

Protocol for Working with Battered Women Impacted by Domestic Violence – Family Justice Center of Northwest Ohio

Created by the Family Justice Center of Northwest Ohio in September of 2005, the primary goal of this model protocol is to help advocates better meet the safety needs of battered women by providing them... Read More