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Domestic Violence Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Create by Renee Sievert, this PowerPoint discusses domestic violence mental health and substance abuse. It provides a global history on mental illness, and information regarding substance abuse, co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorder, the... Read More

Burnout and Vicarious Trauma

Written by Yolanda Matos and Diane Lass, this document discusses burnout and vicarious trauma. It outlines the symptoms, discusses the stages and various influences of each, makes recommendations for prevention, and more. Read More

Vicarious Traumatization

Created by Mickey Stonier and the Alliance in February of 2010, this Webinar focuses on Vicarious Traumatization. Vicarious Traumatization is known to professionals by many names - secondary victimization, secondary traumatic stress disorder and compassion... Read More

Journal Writing as a Form of Healing

Created by Dr. Ellen Taliaferro and the Alliance in October of 2009, this Webinar discusses “Well Writing,” a form of expressive writing or journaling that has been shown to improve health after stress and trauma. Read More

Injury and Terminology 101 in Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Created by the Alliance and Diana Faugno in August of 2009, this Webinar covers the definitions of lacerations, abrasions, bruises, and contusions. The presentation includes many photographs of domestic violence and sexual assault injuries in... Read More