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Utilizing the Polyvictimization Assessment Tool: Frontline Staff’s Experience

The Polyvictimization Assessment Tool requires a high level of training and engagement from frontline staff to be successfully implemented in a Family Justice/Multi-Agency Center. Frontline staff in this Initiative engaged in deep conversation prior to... Read More

The Center for Family Justice Intake/Assessment Form

This Intake/Assessment Form, created by The Center for Family Justice, is a template resource for Family Justice/Multi-Agency Centers who are creating or updating their intake form. This document includes spaces to record basic client information,... Read More

New Orleans Family Justice Center Intake Form

This Intake Form, created by the New Orleans Family Justice Center,  is a template resource for Family Justice/Multi-Agency Centers that are developing or updating their Intake Form. This sample document includes sections for collecting basic... Read More

Universal Assessment and Intake Form

This Universal Assessment and Intake Form was developed by the Center for Family Justice and can be adapted by Family Justice/Multi-Agency Centers to conduct intake. The form begins with a statement of confidentiality, followed by... Read More

Family Justice Center Client Process Mapping

Alliance for HOPE International created this document to define process mapping, identify its benefits, and explain how to create one. A process map is a planning and management tool that visually describes the work flow... Read More