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E-Filings and Virtual Hearings: Providing Easier Access to the Criminal Justice Process Webinar

Survivors have often shared that the courtroom is the most anxiety-inducing place they must go when pursuing safety for themselves and their children. For years, many have been advocating for e-filing policies and virtual hearings... Read More

Recognizing and Responding to Traumatized Children, Adolescents and Adults: What Courts CAN Do & Why

When an individual appears in Court, the signs of childhood trauma are often evident but can be easily missed by judges and court personnel. On this webinar, Judge Lynn Tepper (retired) describes the indicators of... Read More

When Systems Intersect Implications for Battered Mothers

Criminal Court, Custody Court and Child Protection look at domestic violence differently and practitioners in each have particular messages they give to victims. The vastly differing "culture" of these systems led UK researcher Marianne Hester... Read More

The Role of Judges and Courts in a Family Justice Center

Created by the Alliance in December of 2008, this document outlines the roles of judges and courts in the FJC Model. The document explores the latter roles in correlation to advocacy and support related to... Read More

Final Report of the Domestic Violence Practice and Procedure Task Force

Created by the Judicial Council of California in January of 2008, this document details recommended guidelines and practices for improving the administration of justice in domestic violence cases. It includes information regarding court leadership, the... Read More