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NYPD Strangulation Investigation Questions

Created by the New York City Mayor's Office to Combat Domestic Violence, this two-page Strangulation Reference Guide includes questions to ask, loss of consciousness and lethality and strangulation statistics in Domestic violence for quick reference Read More

Stop the Killing Webinar

Domestic violence and/or stalking related cases offer the greatest opportunity to predict and then subsequently prevent homicides, as most cases involve known offenders. The proven way to stop killing events is to create doubt within... Read More

Domestic Violence Investigation

Mike Agnew will identify 10 key areas to focus on when investigating and building a case for prosecution, even when the victim recants. He will discuss new techniques officers need to know to document witness... Read More

Analysis of Mass Shooting

In this report, Everytown For Gun Safety analyzes every mass shooting between January 2009 and July 2015 that was identifiable through FBI data and media reports. This report describes the 133 mass shootings in the... Read More

Identifying the Primary Aggressor

Created by Gael Strack in January 2014 for the Child Maltreatment Conference, this PowerPoint addresses challenges for law enforcement officers identifying the dominant aggressor in incidents of domestic violence. It examines the historical perspective, women... Read More