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Identifying the Primary Aggressor

Created by Gael Strack in January 2014 for the Child Maltreatment Conference, this PowerPoint addresses challenges for law enforcement officers identifying the dominant aggressor in incidents of domestic violence. It examines the historical perspective, women... Read More

Investigation Areas

Created by Mike Agnew, this flow chart depicts the vast number of investigative paths in cases of domestic violence. Read More

Domestic Violence Police Report Supplemental – San Diego Police Department

This is a supplemental form for domestic violence police reports, utilized by the San Diego Police Department. It includes space to document information about the victim’s children, any witnesses, the location of any injuries (with... Read More

When the Law Keeps its Promise

Presented during the 2012 Family Justice Center Conference, Mark Wynn explores the interconnected nature of violence against women, the importance of police leadership in enhancing officer response, an examination of our organizational culture, our range of tools to... Read More

Why the Abuse Should Not Become the Accused

Written by Erin Gaddy and published by NPRI of the National District Attorneys Association, this article discusses why a victim of domestic violence should not face legal consequences for recantation or failure to cooperate with... Read More