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Prevention through Foresight

Lynn Fairweather, MSW, from Presage Consulting and Training will discuss the application of threat assessment and management techniques to high risk domestic abuse cases. Lynn will also delve into the topic of intimate partner homicide... Read More

Lethality Assessment & High-Risk Response – Domestic Violence High Risk Case Protocol

Developed by the Alliance in 2010, this protocol serves to identify how each discipline that works with domestic violence victims should respond to a high-risk case. The protocol specifically details the appropriate steps each discipline... Read More

Lethality Assessment & High-Risk Response

Created by Detective Bob Frechette, Paula Wall, and the Alliance in October of 2010, this Webinar discusses the Lethality Assessment Protocol (LAP) used in Rochester, New Hampshire and adapted from the Maryland LAP. The Maryland... Read More


Presented by Captain Robert Martin (Ret.), Vice President and Managing Principal of Gavin de Becker and Associates, this webinar explores MOSAIC, a threat assessment method. Though not itself a computer program, MOSAIC is delivered using... Read More

Danger Assessment (2019)

The Danger Assessment (DA) was originally developed by Co-Investigator Campbell (1986) with consultation and content validity support from battered women, shelter workers, law enforcement officials, and other clinical experts on battering. The second part of... Read More