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Lesbian/Gay Power and Control Wheel

Created by the National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence and Roe and Jagodinsky, the Power and Control Wheel illustrates the ways in which violence most commonly manifests itself in abusive relationships in the lesbian,... Read More

Working LGBTQ and/or HIV-Affected Survivors or Intimate Partner Violence at Family Justice Center

LGBTQ and/or HIV-affected people experience IPV at least as often as anyone else, but they face significant barriers to accessing safety, support, and services. This workshop will illustrate how first responders and mainstream service providers... Read More

Providing LGBT Services and Programs at a Family Justice Center

Presented by Ted Farley, Esq., and hosted by the Alliance in September of 2011, this webinar training focuses on providing LGBT services and programs at a Family Justice Center. Domestic violence in the Lesbian, Gay,... Read More