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Recommendations for the Medical/Radiographic Evaluation of Acute Adult, Non-Fatal Strangulation

“When a victim of non-fatal strangulation presents to the emergency department it is critical for the medical provider to rule-out potential life-threatening injuries,” said William Smock, M.D. the Police Surgeon for the Louisville Metro Police... Read More

Strangulation Assessment Card (Spanish) La Tarjeta de Evaluación de Estrangulación

La tarjeta de evaluación de estrangulación es un instrumento de referencia rápida para ayudar a los profesionales a realizar la evaluación inicial de una víctima que recientemente ha sido estrangulada. La primera página identifica qué... Read More

Do You Need a Paramedic?

Developed by the San Diego Fire Department and the Alliance, this 30-minute training video was intended to assist front-line paramedics in assessing a strangled patient. This video covers best practices for paramedics and law enforcement... Read More

Strangulation Assessment Card

The strangulation assessment card is a quick reference tool to help professionals conduct the initial assessment of a victim that has recently been strangled.  The front page of this tool identifies what signs to look... Read More