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PSA: Sex and Strangulation

A new PSA the Institute has created in partnership with the Yellow Heart Committee to address the deadly and dangerous health consequences of applying continuous pressure to the neck, along with some important information about strangulation... Read More

Military Power and Control Wheel

Created by the National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence, this wheel depicts the distinct challenges faced by military persons in violent relationships. Read More

Domestic Violence in the Military

Presented in November of 2010 by Debby Tucker and the Alliance, this webinar discusses Domestic Violence and the Military. This Webinar suggests an approach to analyzing acts of violence committed by service members to determine... Read More

Military Victims of Violence Confidentiality Act Bill

This document contains the “Military Victims of Violence Confidentiality Act of 2005” which was written to ensure that the confidential communications between a member of the Armed Forces and a victim service organization or health... Read More