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Post-Traumatic Stress in DV – What Survivors Want You to Know

Survivors of domestic violence often suffer a variety of long-term impacts. In this webinar, we will explore the intersection of domestic violence and PTSD. Join us as we hear from Jennifer Zubek and Tylene Channer.... Read More

PSA: Sex and Strangulation

A new PSA the Institute has created in partnership with the Yellow Heart Committee to address the deadly and dangerous health consequences of applying continuous pressure to the neck, along with some important information about strangulation... Read More

The California Abuse and Neglect Reporting Law

This handbook was originally written to help mental health professionals understand the Child Abuse Reporting Law and their reporting responsibilities, and to identify and address major treatment issues. This revised edition also includes issues specific... Read More

Intimate Partner Violence & Strangulation in the Deaf Community

This webinar, presented by Dr. Cindi Cassady, will provide an in-depth look at intimate partner violence and strangulation with the deaf community. Several case studies will be used to demonstrate the importance of understanding the unique... Read More

Inclusion within Co-Location: Welcoming the Deaf Community & People with Disabilities into your Family Justice Center

Although organizations and professionals co-located in Family Justice Centers have the best of intentions in serving diverse populations who have experienced intimate partner violence; “diversity” typically is defined as working with victims and survivors of... Read More