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Responding to Non-Fatal Strangulation Cases: The Maricopa County Law Enforcement Protocol

Presented by: Sgt. Dan Rincon, Cindi Nannetti, Esq., and Jill Rable, BSN MSN-ED RN CPN SANE-A. First responders play a vital role in responding to and documenting IPV strangulation crimes. During this webinar, the presenters... Read More

A Pain in the Neck: A Rare Case of Isolated Hyoid Bone Trauma

This article reports the first case of dislocation of the symphysis between the great cornu and the body of the hyoid bone following strangulation in survivors. It also reviews the current knowledge on hyoid bone... Read More

A Review of 300 Attempted Strangulation Cases Part II: Clinical Evaluation of the Surviving Victim

Medical literature describing victims who survive strangulation is scant. The majority of articles on strangulation are found in the forensic literature, describing the post-mortem findings on autopsy. This article presents a suggested protocol for the... Read More

SB697 – Hospital Community Benefits – California Legislation

This document details CA SB 697. This bill requires non-profit hospitals to annually adopt and update a community benefits plan in order to provide community benefits. This document also states that each non-profit hospital is... Read More