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Utilizing the Polyvictimization Assessment Tool: Frontline Staff’s Experience

The Polyvictimization Assessment Tool requires a high level of training and engagement from frontline staff to be successfully implemented in a Family Justice/Multi-Agency Center. Frontline staff in this Initiative engaged in deep conversation prior to... Read More

Family Justice Center Client Process Mapping

Alliance for HOPE International created this document to define process mapping, identify its benefits, and explain how to create one. A process map is a planning and management tool that visually describes the work flow... Read More

Tips for Staff and Advocates Working with Children Polyvictimization

This four-page resource defines polyvictimization, explains its impact on children, and identifies its warning signs in order to assist staff and advocates working with children exposed to violence. It concludes by proposing practical steps professionals... Read More

Mental Health 101

In this webinar Dr. Uju Berry provides an overview of mental health for frontline staff. She covers the bio-pyscho-social Model of Mental Health that examines individuals from a holistic perspective as well as the epidemiology... Read More

Grounding and Verbal De-escalation: Tools and Practice for Providers

This webinar provides grounding and verbal de-escalation tools and techniques for service providers. Rosa Regincos and Mayumi Okuda discuss grounding, its guidelines, and mental, physical, and soothing ground techniques. This webinar provides exercises that service... Read More