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Evidence Based Investigations and Prosecution of Domestic Violence Cases

Casey Gwinn, JD, President of the Alliance, and Kelsey McKay, JD, Assistant DA, Travis County Texas, will present on the evidence-based investigation and prosecution of domestic violence cases. They will discuss the history of evidenced-based... Read More

Responding to Non-Fatal Strangulation Cases: The Maricopa County Law Enforcement Protocol

Presented by: Sgt. Dan Rincon, Cindi Nannetti, Esq., and Jill Rable, BSN MSN-ED RN CPN SANE-A. First responders play a vital role in responding to and documenting IPV strangulation crimes. During this webinar, the presenters... Read More

Domestic Violence Dynamics: Understanding the Experience of Survivors

Using the Power and Control Wheel developed by Ellen Pence and Domestic Abuse Intervention Project, Casey Gwinn and Gael Strack will interview four survivors from the Alliance VOICES Committee about their experiences with their abusers.... Read More

A Review of 300 Attempted Strangulation Cases Part I: Criminal Legal Issues

Three hundred strangulation cases, submitted for misdemeanor prosecution to the San Diego City Attorney’s Office, were evaluated to determine the signs and symptoms of attempted strangulation that could be used to corroborate the victim’s allegation... Read More