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Maricopa County Domestic Violence Protocol Manual

"This document provides the process for prosecuting domestic violence felony cases. The model guides [the work of Maricopa County], as well as the interactions with [their] partners, to ensure smooth case transfers and successful convictions."... Read More

Evidence Based Investigations and Prosecution of Domestic Violence Cases

Casey Gwinn, JD, President of the Alliance, and Kelsey McKay, JD, Assistant DA, Travis County Texas, will present on the evidence-based investigation and prosecution of domestic violence cases. They will discuss the history of evidenced-based... Read More

Prosecution of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking Cases

Created Gael Strack in January of 2014 for the Child Maltreatment Conference, this PowerPoint provides training on prosecution of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking cases. This webinar identifies commonalities in all of these crimes... Read More

Witness Intimidation in Domestic Violence Cases

Created by Jeff Greipp and hosted by the Alliance in June of 2011, this webinar provides training on witness intimidation in domestic violence cases. This webinar training helps to identify signs of a batterer’s undue... Read More

Prosecuting the Predominant Aggressor Case

Created by Kristina Korobov and hosted by the Alliance in January of 2011, this webinar focuses on prosecuting a predominant aggressor case. This webinar serves as a follow-up to 2010 Alliance webinar which focused on... Read More