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Best Practices for Meeting the Needs of Victims of Mass Violence and Terrorism Webinar

This webinar focuses on best practices to meet the short and long term needs of victims of terrorism and mass violence. Anita Ahuja from California Victim Compensation Board covers how victim services professionals can respond... Read More

An Essential Tool

Presented by Donna Mathews, Cindy Cunningham and Lori Gonzalez, and hosted by the Alliance in May of 2011, this webinar provides an overview of how to safety plan in a multi-disciplinary, co-located setting. Read More

Safety Plan Brochure – Bexar County Family Justice Center

This brochure, created by the Bexar County FJC in December of 2008, provides information about safety planning and includes an overview of the cycle of violence. Read More

Safety Plan – Crystal Judson Family Justice Center

Created by the Crystal Judson Family Justice Center in November of 2007, this brochure details safety planning for victims of domestic violence. it addresses safety during an explosive accident, how leaving can be the most... Read More

Personalized Safety Plan for Teens – Family Justice Center of Northwest Ohio

Created by the Family Justice Center of Northwest Ohio in September of 2005, this is a personalized safety plan for teens. It attends to general safety and safety at home. Read More