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Hope-Centered Intake: How to Put the Science of Hope into Practice

Alliance for HOPE International President Casey Gwinn and Program Manager (OVC Technology Initiative) Sarah Pike, discussed how the science of hope can be incorporated into daily intake and case management processes at Family Justice/Multi-Agency Centers and other co-located service models.... Read More

Succession Planning 101 in FJCs

This webinar recording with presenter Janeen Gingrich covers Succession Planning in FJCs. Leadership transitions can be challenging. More than 65% of non-profits have no plan for succession. In order for non-profit organizations to be sustainable,... Read More

Contra Costa Family Justice Center Personnel Policy Manual

This Personnel Policy Manual was created by the Contra Costa Family Justice Center and can be used as a template resource for Family Justice/Multi-Agency Centers who are developing or updating their Staff and Policy Manual(s).... Read More

Family Justice Center Client Process Mapping

Alliance for HOPE International created this document to define process mapping, identify its benefits, and explain how to create one. A process map is a planning and management tool that visually describes the work flow... Read More

A Safe Place Volunteer Program Operations Manual

Created by the A Safe Place Family Justice Center Clackamas County, this document is a manual for new Family Justice Center Volunteers. The manual contains goals, application processes, definitions, and volunteer orientation. Read More