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Brochure on Stalking

This is a brochure on stalking from the National Center for Victims of Crime. Read More

A Checklist for Law Enforcement Response to Stalking

The First Responders Guide to Stalking was created by the Department of Justice and the Stop Violence Against Women Grants Technical Assistance Project. This Checklist for Law Enforcement Response to Stalking provides guidance for law... Read More

Stalking and Intimate Partner Violence

Stalking—a dangerous and potentially lethal crime—is often misunderstood, minimized, or missed entirely. This webinar will address the prevalence and dynamics of stalking, the intersection of stalking and domestic violence, and the risk of violence and... Read More

Prosecuting Stalking Cases

Created by Rachel Solov and the Alliance in November of 2010, this Webinar discusses prosecuting stalking cases. Rachel shares her experience prosecuting stalking and threat cases to present on the importance of threat assessment during... Read More