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Annual Directors Pre-Conference Summary 2019

The Directors Leadership Pre-Conference brought together over 50 Family Justice Center Directors from around the world on March 18, 2019. Directors discussed emerging issues in the Family Justice Center (FJC) movement, brainstormed pathways to solutions,... Read More

Creating Sustainable Funding from Individual Donors

This fast-paced webinar introduces you to a systematic model for building sustainable funding for your Family Justice Center or Multi-Agency Center. Learn to leave a legacy of passionate lifelong individual donors as you tailor the Benevon Model... Read More

2018 Leadership Summit Highlights

Whether you have just started down the road toward greater collective impact or have been part of this movement from the beginning, our Annual Leadership Summit presented a chance for leaders from around the world... Read More

Guiding the Development and Implementation of your Center

Created and hosted by the Alliance in May of 2011, this webinar focuses on the importance of strategic planning for developing Family Justice Centers. The webinar provides an overview of the recommended planning process, outlines... Read More

Family Justice Center Steering Committee Questions – Cleveland Family Justice Center

These questions were prepared by the Family Justice Center Steering Committee in Cuyahoga County, Ohio during the planning process for their Family Justice Center. Casey Gwinn met with the Steering Committee in September 2010 to address... Read More