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What is an FJC? Two-Part Series

The Family Justice Center Movement has been growing across the country and around the world. Today, there are over 130 Family Justice/Multi-Agency (FJ/MA) Centers using a co-located service model across the United States with 50-75 in... Read More

Teen Relationship Violence Toolkit

This toolkit specifically focuses on developing, implementing, and maintaining a program at the Family Justice Center. The toolkit offers a step-by-step guide on how to get started. The toolkit also includes information on existing Teen... Read More

Healthy Relationship Forums

The Healthy Relationship Forum, presented by Kat Wagner, educates teens on healthy vs. unhealthy relationship behaviors. The dynamic presentation engages teens by including videos, music, and interactive activities. The presentation can be used with a... Read More

Teen Power and Control Wheel

Created by the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project, this wheel addresses the issues of domestic violence that are specific to teenage relationships. It points to peer-pressure, anger/emotional abuse, using social status, intimidation, minimizing/denying/blaming, threats, sexual coercion,... Read More

Igualdad Para Los Jovenes

Creado por el National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence, esta rueda demuestra la importancia de la igualdad en las relaciones entre jóvenes. Read More