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Do You Need a Paramedic?

Developed by the San Diego Fire Department and the Alliance, this 30-minute training video was intended to assist front-line paramedics in assessing a strangled patient. This video covers best practices for paramedics and law enforcement... Read More

Handling Strangulation Cases at the Front Lines

This webinar, hosted by the Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention, features Dr. Jacquelyn Campbell, Dr. Ralph Riviello, Gael Strack and three leading programs who have implemented strangulation policies and practices into their work - the... Read More

Strangulation Assessment Card

The strangulation assessment card is a quick reference tool to help professionals conduct the initial assessment of a victim that has recently been strangled.  The front page of this tool identifies what signs to look... Read More

Hyoid Bone Document

In this Dear Doctor publication, Doctor Smock explains what the hyoid bone is, identifies the symptoms of a hyoid bone fracture, and discusses best practices for diagnosing the fracture.  Doctor Smock concludes by emphasizing the... Read More

2016 National Advisory Board Meeting Report

This report, updated in August of 2018, is the product of the August 2016 National Advisory Board Meeting of the Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention in San Diego, California.  This document is an overview of... Read More