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Strangulation Assessment Card

The strangulation assessment card is a quick reference tool to help professionals conduct the initial assessment of a victim that has recently been strangled.  The front page of this tool identifies what signs to look... Read More

Hyoid Bone Document

In this Dear Doctor publication, Doctor Smock explains what the hyoid bone is, identifies the symptoms of a hyoid bone fracture, and discusses best practices for diagnosing the fracture.  Doctor Smock concludes by emphasizing the... Read More

2016 National Advisory Board Meeting Report

This report, updated in August of 2018, is the product of the August 2016 National Advisory Board Meeting of the Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention in San Diego, California.  This document is an overview of... Read More

Vital Neck Structures Diagram

This diagram identifies the vital neck structures that are frequently affected during strangulation.  Included in this diagram are the following: Carotid Artery, Jugular Vein, Hyoid Bone, Thyroid Cartilage, Cricoid Cartilage, and the Tracheal Rings. Read More

Pediatric-Adolescent Follow-Up Evaluation Tool

This tool aids medical professionals in conducting a follow-up evaluation of children and adolescents who have been in an abusive situation.  The document contains sections to log all of the following: patient information, description of... Read More