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Signs and Symptoms of Strangulation

This is a visual representation of the signs and symptoms of strangulation. Symptoms can include petechiae, loss of memory, loss of consciousness, urination, defecation, ringing in the ears, raspy voice and pain swallowing. Read More

Choking? Strangulation? Whatever you Call it, it Happens Way Too Often (Radio Show / Podcast)

Victims often say, “he choked me,” but experts call it strangulation. Whatever you call it, it happens way too often, is really hard to spot, and it has really disastrous long-term consequences. Can we treat... Read More

First Responders to the Last Warning Shot: The Critical Role of Dispatchers in Non-Fatal Strangulation Cases

Dispatchers are often the pathway to the safety of victims, children, and officers. 911 dispatchers can make the difference between life or death situations. In this special chapter for dispatchers, we discuss how 911 tapes... Read More

Strangulation E-Newsletter – November/December 2017

The Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention launched E-News to provide the most current and succinct information about non-fatal and near-fatal strangulation assaults. This edition recognizes Dispatchers and their critical role they play in non-fatal strangulation... Read More

Power & Control Wheel with State Statutes Template

This is a blank Power & Control Wheel to customize with your state statutes. You can type penal codes directly into the PDF and save. Thank you to our friends in Duluth, MN for coming... Read More