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Pediatric-Adolescent Follow-Up Evaluation Tool

This tool aids medical professionals in conducting a follow-up evaluation of children and adolescents who have been in an abusive situation.  The document contains sections to log all of the following: patient information, description of... Read More

Recommendations for Pregnant Victim

Recommendations for the Medical/Radiographic Evaluation of the Pregnant Adult Patient with Non-Fatal Strangulation In 2016, the Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention Medical Advisory Board released Recommendations for the Medical/Radiographic Evaluation of the Adult Patient with... Read More

Strangulation E-Newsletter – March 2018

For this E-news, we zero-in on the role of Emergency Medical Personnel in handling non-fatal strangulation cases. We describe a toolkit of valuable resources for every paramedic. Emergency Medical Personnel include firefighters, paramedics and emergency... Read More

NYPD Strangulation Investigation Questions

Created by the New York City Mayor's Office to Combat Domestic Violence, this two-page Strangulation Reference Guide includes questions to ask, loss of consciousness and lethality and strangulation statistics in Domestic violence for quick reference Read More

Responding to Strangulation Assault: A Training Video for Law Enforcement

House Bill 911, which added language to the existing aggravated assault statute to make strangulation a felony offense, was signed into law by Governor Deal on April 24, 2014. This legislation enables law enforcement to... Read More