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Army Community Service Family Advocacy Program Webinar

This webinar, hosted by Alliance for HOPE International's CEO Gael Strack, focuses on "Strangulation: The Last Warning Shot" and "Advocating for the Strangled Victim." Gael Strack emphasizes the link between strangulation and homicides, highlights the... Read More

Domestic Violence Case Investigation Form

This document was created by a committee of law enforcement from all jurisdictions of Jefferson County, Colorado, victim advocates, the District Attorney's Office and pretrial services. This four-page Domestic Violence Case Investigation Form is a... Read More

Strangulation Assessment Card (Spanish) La Tarjeta de Evaluación de Estrangulación

La tarjeta de evaluación de estrangulación es un instrumento de referencia rápida para ayudar a los profesionales a realizar la evaluación inicial de una víctima que recientemente ha sido estrangulada. La primera página identifica qué... Read More

Do You Need a Paramedic?

Developed by the San Diego Fire Department and the Alliance, this 30-minute training video was intended to assist front-line paramedics in assessing a strangled patient. This video covers best practices for paramedics and law enforcement... Read More