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Mental Health and Strangulation: Addressing Behavioral Effects in Strangulation Survivors

Presented by: Detective Sylvia Vella, Psy.D, San Diego Police Department. Strangulation crimes are prevalent; over 68% of domestic violence and sexual assault perpetrators have strangled their victim. Moreover, as family violence professionals know and understand,... Read More

A Pain in the Neck: A Rare Case of Isolated Hyoid Bone Trauma

This article reports the first case of dislocation of the symphysis between the great cornu and the body of the hyoid bone following strangulation in survivors. It also reviews the current knowledge on hyoid bone... Read More

Intimate Partner Violence: A Health-Based Perspective, Chapter 16: Strangulation in Intimate Partner Violence

Strangulation, a common form of intimate partner violence (IPV) assault, is one of three major types of intentionally inflicted neck trauma: blunt impact trauma, penetrating injuries, and strangulation.  To learn more, read Intimate Partner Violence: A... Read More

Non-Fatal Strangulation Is an Important Risk Factor for Homicide of Women

The purpose of this study was to examine non-fatal strangulation by an intimate partner as a risk factor for major assault, or attempted or completed homicide of women. Interviews of proxy respondents and survivors of... Read More

Traumatic Brain Injury and Domestic Violence

Women who are abused often suffer injury to their head, neck, and face. The high potential for women who are abused to have mild to severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a growing concern, since... Read More