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Maricopa County Domestic Violence Protocol Manual

"This document provides the process for prosecuting domestic violence felony cases. The model guides [the work of Maricopa County], as well as the interactions with [their] partners, to ensure smooth case transfers and successful convictions."... Read More

Cambria County Sexual Assault Protocol

Cambria County's Sexual Assault Protocol, laid out in this document, is an effective model that can be replicated in developing and established Family Justice Centers to best serve clients. This document was initially intended to... Read More

Best Practices in Conducting a Mental Health Assessment

This article, published by Social Worker Resource, serves as a guide for best practices in conducting a mental health assessment upon intake. To assist with the assessment interview, this document provides an assessment checklist, urgings... Read More

Awake to Woke to Work – Building a Race Equity Culture

This article, published by ProInspire, defines Race Equity and provides concrete steps and insights to building Race Equity in the workplace. Read More

Analysis of Recent Mass Shootings (2014)

"Everytown For Gun Safety conducted a comprehensive analysis of every mass shooting between January 2009 and July 2014 that was identifiable through FBI data and media reports. This report describes the 110 mass shootings -... Read More